About US

Game of Visas, established in the year 2022 to enable the students access education at a global level. Its parent company is Raudra Eduservices Pvt. Limited established in 2015. Ravindra Babu Ravula of Raudra family, who needs no introduction to the millions of students, says getting placed in top universities of the world is not complex or complicated as imagined by the aspirants. RBR Sir, as he is known in the academic circles, who established Game of Visas recently to make higher education abroad affordable, accessible and available to everyone irrespective of their financial status or family background, avers that the country will get immense benefit from these students in the form of technological skills and foreign remittances once they settled. He says the motive behind the establishment of Game of Visas is to provide a one-stop solution to all the problems being faced by the aspirants seeking overseas education and ruled that it is not a consultancy but more than that. Right career counseling, that includes country selection to course loan selection and scholarships to SOP assistance, makes sailing smooth and storm-free, he opines. A dedicated team of counselors has been assigned to everyone to keep in touch with aspirants round the clock to dispel their doubts and double their confidence. Apart from offering guidance in studying abroad, we provide customized services to our students so that they have an easy time when moving to a whole new country.

Our objective has not only been to ensure that our students find the best universities when they go abroad to study but also to see to it that they are able to settle there conveniently. And above all our priority is to deliver thebest possible services to the student community. Best wishes. You can checkout our Terms & ConditionPrivacy Policies.