GATE is not a child’s play. It is a difficult exam. It requires consistent hard work. While preparing your only friend will be a number of books, your favorite course, practice papers, mock tests, and PYQs. You have to deal with all these every single day believing in yourself that you can make it to 0.33%. Gives goosebumps, right.

No single candidate ever forgets what they went through while preparing.

But do you think only the ones who were successfully able to find a place for themselves in 0.33% are worthy and you are just another dumb kid? Then let me tell you, you are very wrong my friend. This is a losing game. Not a hundred students are competing for one Seat but three hundred students are fighting for one Seat.

Well, I am not here to motivate or console you but these are the numbers and numbers don’t lie. For every one person who will be winning, 299 will be losing.

Enough of the Anti-GATE revolution. Is there any solution to this problem? Before jumping to a solution, first we need to analyze how we have landed ourselves in this situation.

It started back in the 1890s when being a Lawyer was considered an achievement. Every parent and teacher wants their kids to be successful. That glamourize Lawyer once just became another career, it was like something that made people feel like a star, And who doesn’t like to be recognized! So this in return created a demand for lawyers. And where there is demand there will be someone who will become a supplier to take full advantage of the opportunity.

The same is the story of being IAS or IPS then Doctor and Engineer, going to IIT and AIIMS, and now GATE.

Following a career trend is harmful to society. It’s better to understand yourself first by exploring different options and simultaneously understanding the market demand too. Humans make money by providing values. What does the value mean? There is a problem and you can solve it. You can bridge the gap between supply and demand (or you create demand). You save someone’s time and effort. YOU ARE WORTHY.

How should you define your worth?

As RBR says it’s just discipline. As the saying goes “Discipline and hard work beats talent”. You have to have an “I won’t give up” attitude but you are also brave enough to accept what you cannot do. So that you can do a lot of what you actually can do.

The situation of students in India?

It is painful to see young students thinking about suicide and giving up. “Student suicides go up” – quoted by reliable sources. The rate of suicides is increasing every year speedly. It’s bizarre. There is something wrong and no one is addressing it.

Success is not all the wins stacked up but it is all the failure stacked up.

If not GATE then what?

Well, it surely is not the end of the world. There are plenty of options available. But in the case of Engineering, MS from the USA is the best. As the demand for IT skilled professionals is increasing worldwide and we Indians with the best minds are extremely hardworking can fill up this gap in the market. 

With Game Of Visas, it is an extremely easy process to get into any foreign universities. You just have to appear for the GRE and IELTS exam. Just handover your score to us. Then sit back and relax.

Why MS in the USA and not GATE?

Well, candidates do suffer from ego problems. It is a real problem. But let me ask you a question. What is your ultimate goal? Why did you start to prepare for GATE? Holding a GATE rank and showing off to the world even if it takes years or getting a well-paid job.Rather it’s wiser to change the way so that you don’t have to change the goal. 

There are enough job opportunities with enough seats in the colleges waiting for you.

See you at the other side of Games Of Visas. I assure you it is easier to get into Universities abroad than getting into IITs.