Gate is a national Level Examination to do Masters. Everyone’s dream is to have a mtech degree from IIT. But Top IIts have only 300 seats, that means 1 lakh+ students for 300 seats. That means 99,700 students will not get a seat. Therefore, these 99,700 students will take a drop for next year’s gate exam. See, Why do you want to give the same exam 2-3 times? You are reading the same content again and again, which you have already read last year and it will not put any value to your future until and unless you implement something and get the results. Rather if you would have gone for some programming languages then you might have a job in hand. Now why people are crazy for Gate exams is because they are seeing the toppers who come under 100 but the remaining students who didn’t get the seat. No institution will show them where they are , what their plans are now, Nothing. We only see the gate toppers and start preparing for the exam.

There are students who appeared the exam 4 times, 5 times, same exam, same subjects, same syllabus and maybe same coaching but obviously with  some changes and that change is in the FEES of Gate Coaching which is increasing day by day.  So this is the hype we created for this exam for so long. The fact is Limited seats and Probability of a student to get a seat is 0.3%. Now even if you give the exam then there is no guarantee that you will get a seat and Are you sure that you will land under 100? Nope… naa.

What do we want?

We don’t want to see only 300 students into IITS, rather we want all 1 Lakh students who appeared for the exam to be at good universities. The rate to get a seat into IITs  is 0.3% then what about the others. We can’t leave them. They have paid the fees of the CCs, they have put all their hard work from the last one year or maybe since many years. These students don’t have jobs, they are just dependent on this Exam which is literally wasting their precious time, money and  more importantly Self Confidence which is a must for everyone. A major thing in this journey is that you will live in Uncertainty. Until the results are out you can’t say anything about the future. A lot of months or maybe years of mood swings will disturb you. We think that a student failed in the exam, or is struggling to get the result- It’s not a student mistake , actually there is a loophole in the system in which students are suffering.

That’s Why RBR sir says No to Gate. What is the solution to this problem? Solution is two exams -GRE and IELTS. On giving these exams you will get the opportunity to do your Master’s degree from abroad. This is the certain path you should follow. In life, why go with uncertainty when there is a definite path, and that is MS abroad, the path to make your future.

Why MS?

 According to Statistics, QS World University Rankings 2022

The above image shows the ranking of all IITs. Now IIT Bombay got rank 177 which is highest among Indian Universities. The fact is, getting into these universities is easier compared to the IITs. The acceptance rate of the Universities is 30-40% more than the acceptance rate of IITs which is just  0.3%. Even among the Top Universities in the world, Universities like Stanford- 4.34%, Harvard- 4.92% have far better rates than IITs. Now what is the way to get into these Universities? There is a simple and a certain way, Two Exams GRE and IELTS.

What are GRE and IELTS?

There is a lack of awareness of the GRE exam and doing MS in Abroad. No one Knows about this because we have created a hype for some other exams.

 Now how difficult is GRE ?

With one month of proper preparation you can perform great. The plus point of the GRE exam is that there is no such criteria to pass or fail. Whatever score you have you will get a good college abroad for MS. Now if you are through with the basics it will take just 15 days to give the exam, else in the worst case 1 month, that’s it. No other exam has these many advantages like, No pass or fail criteria , whatever score you are having is a valid score, No negative marking, no months or years of preparation.

Same with IELTS, it is also an Exam which will check your English knowledge. So this is also not a big thing to deal with. No years of preparation, No drops, No stress, nothing . Just Two exams GRE and IELTS that’s it. Our Ultimate dream is to do masters from a good university and this is the simple way to do so. What is stopping us-  Proper guidance and financial support.

(There is a good saying that, “ if a problem comes into existence or into your life then with the problem its solution also comes but it depends on you when and how you find the solution.”)

For Financial support, there are many banks who are willing to give 100% loan to the students and the loan amount will cover everything, like your Living expenses, tuition fee, etc.

 So, there is no comparison here , Doing MS is the only certain way for your future. You have to grab this opportunity and Game of Visas will guide you at every step to achieve your goal of doing Masters from a World class University.